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I believe the 23c on 44c overprint was released on 25 October 2016. I wasn't aware of the 2c on 44c until Andy's post and I don't have a release date for that one. Does anyone else have any idea on an issue date?
2016-11-28 10:12
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I can't help with the dates, sorry. The 23c value is strange - it must be a make-up rate, but for what? 23c plus 81c makes the rate for an airmail letterto Zone D - maybe that's it? They have plenty of 81c stamps in stock.

2016-11-28 18:56
Posts: 93
As I understand it, overprints are produced when requests come in to the central stocks for a certain denomination that is not currently in stock.

There seems no logical reason to produce a 23c overprint and I've not seen or heard of a plausible explanation.

It is pure conjecture on my part but I wondered if the form the outlying post offices use to requisition stamps has the denominations of the 1995 definitive series pre-entered. If that was the case then someone at one (or more) of those post offices may have ticked the box by the 23c denomination ... hence we now have 23c overprints.

Maybe another explanation will be forthcoming in due course.
2016-11-29 14:43
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Les, thanks for the info on the release date for the 23c overprint.

Like everyone else I'm stuck for an answer as to the need for this one but have asked the question of the bureau. I'll post the reply as/when/if I get one.

Meantime, I know it's early, but Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everyone.

2016-12-04 17:27
Posts: 93
Many people, myself included, seem to be puzzled as to why the 23c on 44c overprint was produced. Enquiries made locally in Fiji have not resulted in any explanation other than that the denomination was requested (by post offices).

There must be a possibility that someone has made an error and the 23c overprint was not required. This hasn’t happened before regarding the overprint denomination ... although it is generally accepted that the use of 63c and 81c originals was an unintentional mistake.

It is pure conjecture on my part but my enquiries have confirmed that the form the outlying post offices use to requisition stamps does have the denominations of the 1995 definitive series (including 23c) pre-entered. I wonder if someone at one (or more) of those post offices may have ticked the box relating to the 23c denomination ... hence we now have 23c overprints.

Having said that recent commemorative series have included denominations which may look a little strange but are in line with revised postage rates which took effect at the beginning of 2016 when the local VAT (purchase tax) rate applicable to stamps was reduced from 15% to 9%. Recent commemorative stamps have had denominations including 38c, 47c, 62c and $1.04 ... as well as $15!

It may be that 23c stamps were required to make up one or more of these new rates with some other stamps which were already in stock.

It will be interesting to see if any non-philatelic covers appear with the 23c stamps.

I have heard a suggestion that Post Fiji are issuing unusual denominations in order to make money from collectors. Since 23 Fijian cents is the equivalent of about 11 US cents or 9 pence Sterling, I'm not sure how collector's can honestly think that Post Fiji were looking to fleece them by issuing a 23c overprint.

If getting rich quick had been their motive then surely a $10 or even $20 overprint would have made more sense. Post Fiji could easily have justified such high denominations because they do use stamps for mail, parcels etc, etc.

I've received a number of packets from Fiji with stamps to the value of FJ$50.00 or more affixed. As far as I'm aware Post Fiji don't use counter printed lables like Australia Post, Royal Mail or many other postal authorities seem to do these days.

It is still a little bit early but I'll join Andy in wishing everyone a Joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year.
2016-12-09 10:51
Posts: 93
Two new varieties have recently been brought to my attention. Both appear to have been produced by accident as a result of including a stray sheet of a different denomination among a batch of 31c or 44c stamps used for surcharging.

The new stamps are the 40 cents on 13 cents and the 50 cents on 3 cents.

This is the first time I've had to report the 3 cents original being surcharged. Where Post Fiji found stray sheets of the 3c and 13c denomination, supplies of both having supposedly been exhausted some time previously, will probably remain a matter for conjecture.

Both have the original denomination obliterated by the usual "xxx" so it is fair to assume that the "no gap" stamp would occur at sheet position R7/10. Given that inquiries made locally in Fiji suggest strongly that only one sheet of each of these stamps was produced, the "no gap" stamps would almost certainly be unique in both cases.

As to issue dates, those are nigh on impossible to ascertain, simply because no one knows which batch of 40c overprints or which batch of 50c overprints produced them nor how long they'd been in circulation before someone spotted that they were "different".

To the best of my knowledge these are the first two new discoveries to come to light since the recent publication of the 4th Edition of the SG Western Pacific catalogue.
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2017-03-17 10:36
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