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Found on that well known auction site.

I have pointed both vendors in the direction of our forgeries/reprints page.....to no avail (thus far). Just hope no-one gets well & truly "stung".
2020-03-22 10:19
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Did they find a buyer?

I have pretty much given up contacting vendors in these situations. Sometimes they are grateful but mostly, I suspect, they don't like bad news.
2020-05-13 12:53
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Hello Andy

Keep up the good work. I try to reply to these listings when I see them. As John says the response is variable, however some do amend a listing, even if the addition is along the lines of ... forgery? ....

For some reason, I can't read your png files using Firefox or Chrome.

Keep well

2020-05-17 08:45
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Update.......the 3d reprint is still ongoing at $3900(US) or £3200 (at today's rate).

The 1/- forgeries "disappeared" a week or so back due to "an error in the listing" :) :)

John, like you I've almost given up contacting these (so called) dealers....I'd just hate it though if someone got fleeced.....but I know I can do nowt about it.

...........and on the subject of reprints.......just 2 to go to complete my full sheet of the first ones...assuming I've got all the right stamps in all the right places!! (with apologies to Eric Morecombe)
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2020-05-25 21:30