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I recently acquired a nice airmail cover to Singapore, posted on 18th July 1966, with 5 stamps to the value of 2s. Having looked at the rate table on page 165 of The Postal History of Fiji, this equates to the 1/2oz rate for Canada and USA, but is less than the 2s 6d 1/2oz rate to India. Singapore is not listed, so can anyone confirm that the 2s rate is correct please?
2021-03-13 13:55
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Dear Paul,

The airmail rate for a letter to Singapore, effective from 1/7/1962, was 2/- per half ounce. Different (lower) rates applied to postcards, aerogrammes and second class matter. The rates are set out in the Post Office (Amendment) Regulations, 1962 which were published in the Fiji Royal Gazette on 1st June 1962. The Singapore rates mentioned above remained in force until decimal currency was introduced.


John Ray
2021-03-23 15:21