London Area Meeting 28th March 2020

A London Area Meeting will be held following the AGM on Saturday 28th March 2020. This will be our first meeting to be held at the new Royal Philatelic Society London premises at 15 Abchrch Lane, London EC4N 7BW.


The Agenda is as follows:


10.30 Assemble and Coffee
11.00 A.G.M (see Agenda in previous meeting notice)
12.00 Lunch. (all those attending to make their own arrangements)
13.00 Display of Easter Island – David Maddock
14.15 Display of Christmas Is (I.O) & Tokelau – Rufus Barnes
!5.30 Tea break
15.45 Members Displays
17.00 Close

Note: With the meeting being combined with the A.G.M this will be a very full day. Consequently the time available for Members Displays will be limited, so it is suggested that any displays are kept to 4 frames of 12 sheets (2 displays at a time) with “chat” restricted to 5 minutes each exhibitor.

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