Fiji Postage Stamp Issues of the King George VI Period

Fiji Postage Stamps Issues of the KGVI Period

By Ross F. Duberal F.A.P. and Bryan A. Jones (2018)

This publication covers in considerable detail the various stamp issues from Fiji during the reign of King George VI, including the pictorial definitives, commemorative issues, postage dues, specimens, booklets, “Cinderella” items and Presentation folders.

Separate chapters are included on the Fiji KGVI material held in the Royal collection, including illustrations of some of the key items, and also the equivalent material held in the British Library collection. Much of this material will not previously have been seen by collectors. These chapters provide a written record of the collections.

A series of explanatory Appendices is included with the intention of providing further details for the serious collector. These Appendices include detailed plating studies for both the ½d and 1½d values, details of “Cinderella” items produced during this period such as the Fiji Bomber Fund and Gifts to Britain labels, Savings Bank stamps, and wartime “cardboard” currency used for the purchase of stamps.

This publication is based on the award winning collections of Ross Duberal (Australia) and Bryan A Jones (UK). The objective was to provide a complete guide to the much studied pictorial definitive issue and its uses, together with other issues of this period. Wherever practicable examples of the correct usage of the various denominations are included, together with print quantities and dates, proofs, and identified varieties. Also included are background details leading up to the eventual issue of this, the first Fiji pictorial definitive issue, together with the story behind the wartime 2½d local surcharge.


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