Fiji – The 2006-9 Definitive Overprints (The First Four Years)

Fiji – The 2006-9 Definitive Overprints (The First Four Years)

By Bryan A. Jones (2010)

This publication tells the complete story of the series of definitive overprints produced locally in Fiji since March 2006, extending to the cutoff date for this work of end December 2009.

The book provides the background to the decision to overprint obsolete values of the 1995 definitive Bird series to accommodate local demands, with full details of all issues, including numerous errors and varieties, in chronological sequence, including quantities produced.

The depth of detail contained in this book is enormous and concludes with tables giving current, but incomplete catalogue references and some guidelines on current prices being asked, or realised, for each value. Full colour illustrations throughout

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ISBN: 978-1-899833-15-3
Size: A4, 4 hole punched in lightweight binder
Pages: 143
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