Fiji's Times Express Stamps

Fiji's Times Express Stamps - The Three Issued Paper Types and Other FTE Topics

The Three Issued Paper Types and Other FTE Topics

By David E. Gillis (2011)

This latest publication covers in great detail the story of one of the “classics” of Pacific Islands philately – the Fiji Times Express stamps and the service for which they were produced. This publication, the result of many years of exhaustive research, comprises no less than 167 x A4 size pages, of which 39 contain colour illustrations.

Covering the Express Service operated by the Fiji Times the book then progresses to deal with the methods used to produce the paper from which the stamps themselves were printed, three different paper types being identified. Comparisons of these paper types follows, together with a critique explaining why some earlier “Experts” misidentified these papers.

Details of the stamps themselves, in both used and unused condition follows, together with details of known covers. Plate and printing variations together with positional identification features are dealt with in detail, followed by the story of the “Official” imitations and the multiplicity of known forgeries. Such is the degree of detail contained in this book that it is hoped that catalogue editors will use it to modify their current listings of these, the first, Fijian stamps.

  • Gold medal at APS Stampshow, Sacramento, California, 2012
  • Large Vermeil medal at Autumn Stampex, London, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-899833-19-1
Size: A4, 4 hole punched in plastic ring binder
Pages: 167
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