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On my New Hebrides internet site http://www.ro-klinger.de/NH/ I quoted the catalogue numbers of the four major U.S. - G.B. - F and D catalogues. The famous U.S. stamp journal L**** did not write an article on the NH website last year because there were S**** numbers written on the site this "being use without permission". I deleted the S**** numbers but they didn't print the article as far as I know.

Now I received an email from the publisher of S**** and L**** in the U.S. telling me to remove A COMIC on the presbyter cocidus I had on the site quoted from a 1995 S**** monthly journal.

I removed this image now too and I removed an article of 2000 on the NH website published in L****.

Both had been in the menue M 4 Links & more --> This & that

It had been possible in the past to quote sources in research of course with naming the source - which I did.
But it seems that "tempora mutantur"

2009-03-31 15:17
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This is very worrying J Crompton.
2009-04-02 08:34
Very worrying indeed. I am in the process of doing major updates on my Canada and Tuvalu websites ( http://brcStamps.com and http://TuvaluStamps.com). I guess I will have to eventually remove all Scott cross references... both sites have been on the net for over 10 years but I have yet to receive complaints from Scott. Can we expect the same from Gibbons?

Brian C.
2009-04-13 16:21
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The SG catalogue editor is a member of the Study Circle; I wil ask him what his policy is regarding the use of SG catalogue numbers on non-commercial websites.

John Ray
2009-04-20 18:35
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Hi all,

Stamp collecting without using SG, Scott, Michel etc numbers; how could you identify stamps and how would you buy. eBay uses all these numbers, has to as it would never sell very much.

There must be a legal arguement that allows the use of such numbers, providing you acknowledge the originator of the numbering system.
My Tokelau book, I created my own numbers, because SG did not list as much as I wanted; however, I also included a cross ref with SG.

However, I have an ongoing problem with cat. # in auction lists; as I believe SG and Scott numbers are quoted a lot instead of the major catalogue of that country. e.g. German stamps should use Michel and not SG or Scott; especially problems in some periods using the same price for mint hinged and mint unhinged! Serious collectors of a country use the major & specialised catalogue of that area.

Not enough members using this forum yet; I hope they will as it is a very useful tool.

I will be interested in further developments.

2009-04-24 03:13
Was any information on the use of SG catalogue numbers on websites made available?

2010-03-16 19:00