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Saw this pop up on my radar screen in eBay yesterday. It's one of the very rare Manihiki first "F1" type cancels that supposedly only 2-3 exist. I was quick to note the design of the separators are two simple lines making a cross rather than the design listed in the NZ guide that is included with the item.

The only place I've ever seen a picture is the Floyd Fitzpatrick auction catalog. The picture there clearly shows a design resembling the center of the first issue - more like a starburst asterisk.


I asked the seller for more info, we'll see what he says. But does anyone else know of any other resources with a picture of one of these?
2011-01-12 17:27
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It seems that there are two Manihiki F1 cancels. I have these two examples. I have called these cancels Type I as per the cover, presumably an earlier type and Type II as per the single stamp. They seem to be distinctly different:

Type I

Outer ring 2.8 cm, inner ring 1.9 cm. Word Manihiki 1.2 cm long without full stop after Manihiki, taller thinner letters. Four points on star.

Type II

Outer ring 2.35 cm, inner ring 1.75 cm. Manihiki less than 1.1cm long, shorter thick letters with full stop. Six points on star.

Thanks for alerting me to the differences.

2013-03-06 06:07