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Now that the new PISC website is online ( many thanks to the creator!) I hope that it will become the center of communication and information for all PISC members. Don't forget: the "silver surfers" ( far beyond 50 years old) are the internet users with the highest increase in internet activity at the moment - but the younger members are welcome too :rolleyes: .

Thanks again, Bill
2008-11-02 16:09
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Thanks Roland, and also for your support and encouragement to get something up and running.
I think we have now got to the first stage and look forward to expanding this site with the active participation of the rest of the PISC members.
2008-11-04 10:23
and the late 30-something are also too !
Well, I just wanted to say thank you to the whole team for the splendid web site we have now.
By the way, looking for Fiji stamps (1900-1952 period) and postal history (not the place but just in case), and er... Gambia too.

Newly-joined member Francois
(sorry for the English mistakes - second language...)
2008-11-12 19:20
This is my first review of the website, and I want to thank all who worjed to make this a very user friendly site. The catalog for the Michael Shaw auction is well done with excellent photos for each lot. Thanks again, Don Neiman
2013-04-16 15:29