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This issue abounds with varieties and I have a quantity of all values (300 stamps in total) which I want to find the sheet positions for. Are there any complete sheets out there which can be used for reference?
2012-02-05 13:21
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Hi again. The Stamps of New Zealand Vol.5 pp. 254-262 details almost everything you need to know about this issue. There were four different formes: forme 1 for the lower values, forme 2 for the 1/6, form 3 for the 2/3, 5/- and 10/- and forme 4 for the one pound. The locations of the varieties vary with the formes. It does however state that the top of i missing variety "also occurs on the 2/3d............. but full sheets of these have not been seen".
2012-04-09 02:36