Gallery of Displays and Collections

This section of the website contains scans of displays and collections. We are keen to extend this as much as possbile, so if you have scans of a formal display, or even a few pages of your collection, that you think might be of interest to others, please get in touch ( Select from the the displays below and click a thumbnail image to enlarge.

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Australia/New Zealand

World War II Airmails The Qantas 1943/4 Lancastrian Service across the Indian Ocean (New Zealand Acceptances on Second Flight) by Bryan A. Jones


Clipperton Island

Clipperton Island by Laurence Kimpton.


Easter Island

Easter Island - Scarcest Postmark by David Maddock.



Fiji - 1st and 2nd South Pacific Games by Paul Xavier

Fiji - Acceleration of Fiji External Mail by Air 1925–1945 by David Alford

Fiji - Aviation and Airmail History, the Aotearoa Story 1939 by Bryan A. Jones

Fiji - Bomber Fund by Bryan A. Jones

Fiji - KEVII First Watermark Definitive Issue by Paul Xavier

Fiji - KGVI Omnibus Commemoratives by Paul Xavier

Fiji - KGVI The Definitives by Paul Xavier

Fiji - KGV 1935 Silver Jubilee by Andy Napier

Fiji - Leper colony and Makogai by Bryan A. Jones

Fiji - WWI War Stamps by Andy Napier


Fiji Aerogrammes - Airmail Letter Cards and Aerogrammes 1944-1995 by Paul Xavier - this is a YouTube link to Paul's presentation to the Postal Stationery Society of Australia


Gilbert and Ellice Islands

Gilbert & Ellice Islands - 1969 Christmas by Hugh Bennet

Gilbert & Ellice Islands - 1971 Scenic Definitives, Reprints and Overprints by Hugh Bennet, shown at the RPS London 2018



Hawai'i Post - Privately Owned Local Service and Stamps by Bryan A. Jones



Kiribati 2004 - 25th Anniversary of Independence and First Participation in Olympic Games by Hugh Bennet, shown at the RPS London 2018

Kiribati 2017 - Flowers, by Hugh Bennet, shown at the RPS London 2018

Kiribati 2018 - Royal Wedding and In Remembrance releases by Hugh Bennet, shown at the RPS London 2018


Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island - Estanblishment of the Local Courier Post by Bryan A. Jones


New Caledonia

New Caledonia 1905 Kagu Difinitives and Overprints by Anilkumar MS


New Hebrides

New Hebrides Sea Post 1841-1956 by Bill Holland, shown in Paris 2012


Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island 1942-48 New Zealand Garrison by Chris Clifford

Norfolk Island Local Post Stamps by Bryan A. Jones

Norfolk Island 2001 6th South Pacific Mini Games Postage Paid Postcards by Bryan A. Jones


Solomon Islands

British Solomon Islands Yandina Postal Agency by Bryan A. Jones



Tonga Covers by Martin Baxendale

Tonga Gold Coin Stamp Proofs by Martin Baxendale