A Study of the 1893 Military Franchise Essays of New Caledonia and the New Hebrides

Military Franchise Essays

By James Crompton (2006)

This publication incorporates the articles by H.G. Leslie Fletcher, Frank Howard-White and Jim Crompton which were first published in the London Philatelist in 1965, and Jim's article in Stamp Collecting, 26 October 1962, together with some new material.

ISBN: none
Size: A4, many of the illustrations are in colour
Pages: 41
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Addition and Addendum (2008)

The following file provides some additional information not in the original publication.

Further information (Sheryll Ruecker)

Further information and images can be seen on Sheryll Ruecker’s web site, specifically on her early New Hebrides exhibit:


New Hebrides/Nouvelles-Hébrides


This was originally shown at APS StampShow 2007 (pages 6 to 12) but subsequently Sheryll has radically re-written this section for her PIPEX 2009 exhibit.