Pacifica - Journal of the PISC

PacificaPacifica is the in-house journal of the Pacific Islands Study Circle and has been published since the The Study Circle was founded in 1962.

It is published four times a year in January, April, July and October and is edited by Bryan Jones. Since 2006 the format has changed from the original A5 sze to the larger A4 format, allowing higher resolution images to be incorporated and colour where appropriate.

The content includes book reviews, new issue information, auction realisations, Study Circle news etc as well as Member articles on a wide range of topics.

  • Large Silver medal at London 2022, 2022
  • Vermeil meadal at 16th NZ National Literature Exhibition, Christchurch, 2019
  • Large Silver medal at Autumn Stampex, London, 2012
  • Silver medal at Pacific Explorer, Sydney, 2005

Recent articles have covered:
  • Airmail – NATS survey flight, 1942; TRAPAS
  • American Samoa – the Post in American Samoa, 1970-1999
  • Canadian Pacific Islands – December 2003 emergency mail
  • Christmas Island (Indian Ocean) – new postal markings and local stamp booklets
  • Christmas Island (Pacific Ocean) – Abbot Rougier and his stamps
  • Clipperton Island – centenary
  • Cocos (Keeling) Islands– tin can and barrel mail after November 1951
  • Cook Islands – list of postal permits (1999); the first issue; departure tax stamps
  • Easter Island – the Easter Island carvings stamps of Chile
  • Fiji – Qantas flying boat service; stamp discoveries; the 1922-29 script watermark issue; new postal markings, 2000-2003; unannounced new definitive; recent postal rate changes; bisected stamps on cover
  • French Polynesia – philatelic memories of the Kon Tiki expedition; list of post offices and agencies (2003); postal stationery
  • Galapagos – updates
  • General – "doctor cards" in the Pacific; 1940-41 Archbold Expedition in the "Cheng-Ho"
  • Gilbert and Ellice Islands – 1952 postal rates; civil censorship in WW2; Tarawa Launch Mail covers
  • Hawai'i – Hawai'i Post stamps, recent issues
  • Kiribati – Visit Report, August 2001
  • Lord Howe Island – local courier post
  • Marianas – cinderella ship label
  • Micronesia – Missionary mail to Micronesia; meter marks since postal independence
  • Marshall Islands – current postal markings
  • Nauru – new research at the British Library
  • New Caledonia – "Robin Force", WW2
  • New Hebrides – NZ forces in WW2; the "Roast Missionary" stamp; SG2a "overprint omitted"; the cruiser "Kersaint"
  • New Zealand Dependencies – Raoul Island postal history; Kermadec Islands expedition mail
  • Norfolk Island – commemorating HM sloop "Norfolk"; unrecorded registration label; visit report, 2003
  • Republic of Palau – independent, 1 October 1994
  • Pitcairn – Frama labels; unique material lost in mails; stamp discoveries
  • Samoa – American naval cancellations; civil censorship in World War 2; recent postal markings; visit report, 2003
  • Shipping – MV Malaita markings
  • Solomons – 1907 NSW combination covers; design and usage of 1907-08 Large Canoe adhesives
  • South American islands – Chilean POs on Tierra del Fuego and adjacent islands; Juan Fernandez ship visits; Tierra del Fuego
  • Tokelau – situation in 2004; the Loran system at Atafu
  • Tonga – stamp duty overprints; civil censorship in WW2; the 10s overprints; 2002-4 provisional overprints
  • Tuvalu – agents take over
  • US Territories – French Frigate Shoals; closure of Johnston Island post office
  • Vanuatu – Scenic definitive overprints; the facts behind the manuscript surcharges; new postmarks; visit report, 2003
  • Wallis and Futuna – forged overprints on the Internet

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Size: A4
Pages: varies - 25 to 50+ pages
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Back issues: These are available while stocks last. 2018 to 2013 £3.50 (members) £4.00 (non-members); 2012 to 2006 £1.25 (members) 1.50 (non-members); Issues before 2006 are out of print but are available on the CD (Pacifica Archive Edition 1962-2006 (CD)).