The Picture Postcards of Fiji (3rd Edition)

The Picture Postcards of Fiji Third edition

By John Dear (2015)

This latest edition (third) of The Picture Postcards of Fiji, by John Dear is now in stock, a golden opportunity for those who have yet to be tempted to add this superb reference work to their libraries. Totalling 194 x A4 size pages, and fully illustrated throughout in colour, this publication groups postcards according to a range of different publishers, starting with local (Fiji) publishers prior to 1990, and progressing through Australian; European and American publishers with additional sections on Souvenir Letter Cards; Booklets and QSL cards. The inclusion of tables of both surface and air mail rates for postcards is a welcome addition. The publication contains over 400 individual illustrations (reduced size in natural colours) of the picture side of the various types, not including illustrations of the reverse side of all earlier types. Where specific series of cards were produced lists of the individual cards in each series are included. This is a handsome publication and it is unlikely that it will ever be superseded, congratulations to John for his diligence and efforts in completing a worthwhile addition to any library.

  • Vermeil medal at London 2022, 2022 (third edition)
  • Vermeil medal at APBS York, 2016 (third edition)
  • Large Vermeil medal at Autumn Stampex, London, 2012 (second edition)
ISBN: 978-1-899833-16-0
Size: A4 Perfect bound
Pages: 194
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