Solomon Islands Illustrated Checklist of Postal History Items of the Pre-Protectorate & Woodford Eras

Solomons PO Checklist

By Don Franks, with the assistance of Peter Forrestier Smith (2001)

This significant publication covers more ground than is suggested by the title. As may be expected, it lists all the covers known to the author, with illustrations of many of them; these are analysed by period and type of use, e.g. pre-protectorate, early protectorate, inter-island etc., and details are given of when they last appeared on the philatelic market. Cancellations, destinations, registration numbers and postage rates are also covered, and there are reproductions of some of C.M. Woodford's photographs of the area.

ISBN: 1-899-83309-9
Size: A4, thermally bound
Pages: 181 pages, with 118 of the illustrations in colour
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